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Hi Tumblr, I'm Back. My blog consists of various pictures of cats, Harry Potter, and anything related to the United States Marine Corps. You many also find lots and lots of pictures of love (kissing, weddings, rings, etc) and various inspirational quotes. Anything I find funny I reblog. I have an obsession with Duck Dynasty. I am MOM to one fur baby, Ariel, and she is basically my best friend. Yes I just said my Cat is my best friend. You should find Cowboy boots and Country Singers as well as personal posts that I write myself. I am a third year college student studying psychology and that about sums it up. I generally follow back. Ask if you need anything, no judgement.
Enjoy xx

I can go out every night of the week,Can go home with anybody I meet, But its just a temporary high, 'Cause when I close my eyes, I’m somewhere with you
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